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“I truly love The College Map! I have felt such relief knowing there is a place that I can successfully get all the tools I need to write and submit my college apps. The atmosphere is encouraging yet calming and I can easily get one-on-one help. I love the structure and everything the college map stands for. This is the best choice for high school students who are looking for guidance on their future college track!”

Chloe Kiernan

“I am most able to “speak” as a parent who was in a mass panic as her son was entering his junior year of high school. As a busy working professional single mother, I was under an unimaginable amount of stress as my high schooler was heading into his junior year. I was somewhat aware of all the preparations required to get into college, however, I had really no idea what the amount of preparation would be to get him rolling in the right direction.

As I was feeling sorry for myself one day, I was driving up Edgewater Drive and I noticed a place called The College Map. I was secretly hoping deep down inside that it somehow had to do with assisting students in their college endeavors. So, I pulled over and went inside and found Maria Guthrie… full of smiles as I asked her if she could please tell me exactly what The College Map was all about? Well, shortly thereafter, I don’t remember exactly what was said, but I do remember seeing the the balloons fall from the ceiling and confetti, and I was no longer feeling sorry for myself because I had found a solution to help me help my son! With a plan in place after spending an hour discussing a path forward with Maria I went to get my son to introduce him to Maria and our plan. Well, needless-to-say my son was less than excited about the whole idea of going to college let alone participating in the plan that Maria and I had laid out for him. He was borderline antisocial and not engaging in much. I was incredibly embarrassed and made excuses for his borderline rude behavior. I decided to excuse myself hoping that he would behave differently if I were not there. I wished Maria luck with him and left. When I returned, I saw a completely different demeanor in my child, and from that point on he embraced the whole college deal and absolutely loved working with Maria and the team. Shane would go to The College Map on non-scheduled days just to say ”Hello” and get ahead on his assignments. (It truly is a student-centered and focused place.) It’s been a long road and with The College Map’s helping and loving hands, Shane was accepted into seven colleges… all the ones he chose. He will proudly be attending Flagler in the fall!

I would personally sit down with anyone who wants to know more! I am so grateful to The College Map for all they did for us!”

Jackie Faulk, high school senior parent
“I know that every student who works with The College Map (TCM) will attest to their professionalism, their knowledge of the collegiate industry and their absolute commitment to securing every student’s placement in the school of his or her dreams. They’ll surely mention the sincere and warm demeanor of TCM staff and the practical advantages of being able to work with the latest technology in their modern and welcoming facility.
But as a parent, what I appreciated most was the opportunity to step back and enjoy a process which otherwise would have been very daunting and stressful. I can’t possibly put into words how grateful I am for that.From the moment TCM took over in our daughter’s sophomore year, they never ever failed to follow up on every last detail, encouraging her when she was losing steam and celebrating her successes and progress along the way. Personal and group meetings, emails and texts, summers; it truly was like having our own team of trainers and counselors.Our daughter is college bound to a school that is exactly the right place for her, where she will be more likely to succeed and be happy. It is so perfectly aligned with her needs and her personal style that you would think it was hand-picked just for her… That is The College Map difference.”
Michelle Stanton, high school senior parent
“We are very excited to be part of college map. They have provided support and guidance for our junior at Bishop moore high school on her journey towards college. They have mapped out college tours, arranged for a college prep examinations and even have brought college recruiters to their office, just to name a few. The experienced and knowledgeable team is also easily accessible and cater to each family’s needs. We’re confident that their guidance will assist with our 11th and 8th-grade daughter’s getting accepted into a great college and being more prepared than your average student. We highly recommend the College Map to any family seeking an extra special edge in the area of college admissions.”
Lilly and Tony Lopez