“My son was always an amazing student but to get into college today takes a lot more than his dad and I could navigate. The College Map team helped us from start to finish with test prep, narrowing down potential schools and the application process. They assigned my son a personal counselor who has stayed in step with us throughout his entire junior and senior years. They have a team of people who have helped him increase his SAT score to the top tier for Bright Futures which more than covers the cost of this amazing planning service. If you are even considering it, please go and meet with them! You will not be sorry!”

Michelle Anders

“I am not sure that my son would have applied to any colleges if it was left up to him to do alone or with my help. I was at a complete loss of how to start, so I am grateful he had a great counselor. He was so motivated that he even helped his friends navigate their applications because he was so experienced . It was great how excited his counselor was when he started getting acceptances. I am truly grateful to The College Map for helping him. I will be signing my daughter up to start her journey with The College Map too soon.”

Tracey Ewald
“My son was able to increase his SAT Score by over 150 points! Julie and the Team at The College Map, really care about the students and want to see them succeed and take a personal interest in all of the students!”
Renee Perrin
“The College Map takes the stress out of the college prep process for both parents and students, from test prep to schedule choices to college admissions, they are with you every step of the way!”
Allston Ball
“I truly love The College Map! I have felt such relief knowing there is a place that I can successfully get all the tools I need to write and submit my college apps. The atmosphere is encouraging yet calming and I can easily get one-on-one help. I love the structure and everything the college map stands for. This is the best choice for high school students who are looking for guidance on their future college track!”
Chloe Kiernan
“The College Map is amazing and worth every penny. I can’t say enough about how much they helped my son study and stay on track for the ACTs. His grade improved 7 points and I can’t thank them enough! I highly recommend The College Map. Thank You Maria and Julie!”
Sheryle W
“We signed up our son for the test prep. Both Maria and Julie were there for him every step of the way!!! We loved the live tutoring he could get as well as online. Thank you College Map!!!”
Christina Krantz