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Dear Friend,
I am hosting a virtual Service Academy Information Session on Sept. 23 for parents and students to learn about the educational opportunities in our nation’s service academies and the application process for each of these prestigious institutions, including congressional nominations. Representatives from all five service academies, including the U.S. Military Academy, the U.S. Air Force Academy, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, the U.S. Naval Academy, and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, will be in attendance.

The Virtual Service Academy Information Session will be on Wednesday, Sept. 23 at 6:30 p.m. Every year, I am honored to nominate students from Central Florida to serve our country at one of these prestigious institutions. I encourage all eligible students from my district who are interested in attending a U.S. service academy to join me at this event to get more information about the nominating process for the upcoming school year.

You can register here. The event will also be livestreamed on my Facebook page. You may also find more information on how to receive a nomination by visiting my website.

Stephanie Murphy
Member of Congress

NACAC virtual fair

NACAC Virtual College Fair

Here's your chance to hear firsthand from those-in-the-know at hundreds of colleges and universities.

How? Attend a NACAC Virtual College Fair!
Dates: 10/12, 10/18 and 11/8.

To view the fall schedule and to sign up, click HERE.

Parents are also welcome to attend.

Take a virtual tour

Below is a great link to over 900 colleges/universities with links to virtual tours and unique features of each school all in one place. This is a great one-stop shop for our students that are unable to make in-person visits.

Please click HERE


September Reminders


Class of 2021 September Reminders:

Seniors, set up a meeting with your guidance counselor to review your updated transcripts with accurate gpa, class size and rank. Make sure all grade and courses listed are accurate, including any high school credits earned through middle and virtual school.

Many colleges require "recommenders". Confirm the colleges on your list that require letters of recommendation. Email and kindly ask your guidance counselor and two teachers if they are willing to write you a letter of recommendation. Attach your resume. Please respect their time. Make sure to give them a minimum of a three week notice.

▪ Make sure all of your Common Application essay drafts are finalized and ready to go.
▪ Consider applying Early Decision and/or Early Action.
▪ Begin working on supplemental essays for schools that require them. Make sure to create your google doc and share it with your essay editor.

Class of 2022 Reminders:

▪ Continue with Test Prep.
▪ Begin work on resumes and college lists
▪ Continue with virtual college visits!
Continue with Test Prep.
Begin work on resumes and college lists
Continue with virtual college visits!

Class of 2021

Begin opening and working within each of your college applications. Review the requirements and if a supplemental essay is required, please create a
google doc and list the supplements by school name and due date. Make sure to share this new google doc with your essay editor.

Remember all of our applications deadlines are one month prior to the schools posted deadline.

Please make sure a TCM counselor reviews your applications before you submit.


Seniors in our College Planning program:

Your junior year grades should officially be finalized and processed on your transcript from mid June.

Please verify your transcript for accuracy and make any necessary corrections with your guidance counselor as soon as possible. Sometimes there are missing dual enrollment, online classes or middle school grades missing from your transcript. On the cumulative summary page, please make sure your service hours are listed as well along with any certifications you might have earned.

Class ranks are still from February 2020 and should be updated at the beginning of October.

Remember: you'll be sending official transcripts to each college you apply to; it's imperative that they be accurate and updated prior to that time. A correct transcript is necessary in completing the SSAR or the SPARK!

Note: Please check it one final time before you send the official copies to colleges (the final version must have your SENIOR YEAR SCHEDULE on it).


What is the Self-reported Student Academic Record (SSAR)?
The Self-Reported Student Academic Record is a self-reported student academic record that lists all courses and associated grades that have been attempted, or will be attempted, for high school and/or college credit. The following Florida schools use this IN PLACE of mailing or sending your school transcript electronically:

The following schools request the SSAR:
University of Florida, Florida State University, Florida Atlantic University, University of North Florida, Flagler College, Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida Poly and The New College.
The only time you will send your transcript to any of the schools listed above is AFTER you have accepted admission. They will require your final transcript post graduation.

How do you submit the SSAR?
Once the academic record has been completed and double checked for accuracy, hit the submit button. It will issue a 32 digit code. Some schools require you enter the code into your application check status and other schools have a link that allows you to sign into your SSAR account and link the two together.

Please makes sure you are checking your email daily after submitting your applications. You will receive sign in credentials on how to access your application check status.

Click here to create your SSAR account


Most colleges require official test score reports sent directly from with The College Board or ACT websites. Please make sure to send your scores in advance knowing that it can take up to six weeks for them to arrive to your college. It's important to know your ACT/SAT due dates for each school.

SAT scores
Ways to Send Your SAT Scores
1. Sign up to send SAT scores for free when you register for the SAT.
You can request to send four FREE score reports anytime from the day you register to up to nine days after your SAT test date.

1. Send SAT score reports after you take the test for a fee.
1. Send SAT score reports after you take the test for a fee.

ACT scores
Order Online—For the fastest way to send your scores, create or sign in to your MyACT account and pay by credit card.

Click here for more ACT scores send information.


The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) opens on October 1, 2020.

Every student and (1) parent will need to create an FSA ID. The FSA ID allows students and parents to identify themselves electronically to access Federal Student Aid websites. An FSA ID is made up of a username and password and can be used to log into the online FAFSA form. Click here for a quick video.

Most all colleges and universities require a FAFSA to be filed in order to be eligible for institutional scholarships.

Here is a great website with useful tips, checklists and many resources.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 6.01.50 PM

What is Bright Futures? It opens on December 1st?

How do I register for the October 3rd SAT Subject Test?

Test-Optional Colleges: what does that mean?

Do I need To Take an SAT Subject Tests?

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 10.13.43 AM

Most students need not fret about what major they list on their college application. If you choose to list an intended area of study, you should do so in an area that makes sense given the other particulars of your application (i.e. the focus of your extracurricular involvement, course selection, honors and distinctions, etc.). Generally, you will be able to easily change your major at a liberal arts college, but are likely to encounter more difficulty transferring into a highly-competitive school at a larger university. Listing an underrepresented major on your application is a sound strategy only if a coherent and compelling case can be made for your selection.

For the full article by College Transitions, please click here

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 11.02.25 PM


1) Cancellation Policy:

Students are responsible for keeping track of their prep sessions, showing up, and completing the work designated. Students must cancel or reschedule classes before 24-hours preceding the class start time to avoid a cancellation fee. Students are allowed one missed ("NO SHOW") online and/or live test prep session (non-canceled) without penalty. A student will always receive an email acknowledging the absence and reminding them about our cancellation policy. Cancellation fees are assessed in this manner:
$50 for the second missed class;
$65 for the third;
$85 for the fourth.
Parents, in our experience, it is most effective to have the student pay this fee. Our goal is to cultivate an understanding of the importance of test prep and a habit of responsibility and accountability. Two things occur when a student misses a class: his/her test score is not maximized, and another student missed an opportunity to be in class. Classes canceled 24 hours prior to the appointment time should be canceled through Acuity. The only excused reason for a class being canceled less than 24 hours in advance is for illness. In this event, please email me at

2) ePrep:

This is a student’s practice homework account. It can be accessed either directly through the ePrep website or through our “Your Path” password-protected page. A student’s username is his/her email address and the password is the student’s first name, then “TCM,” and graduation year. All lowercase. For example: julietcm2020.

We are currently enrolling students into ePrep. Students will receive an email with log in instructions. The first quarter homework assignment is for students to complete practice test #1 (found in the "Exam Room" tab). Each test has four sections and each section can be completed at a different sitting. After a student takes one practice section, ePrep will score that section and offer video lesson tutorials on each question missed. A student's homework assignment is not complete until the video lessons are viewed.

Bright Futures

Seniors, please make sure you submit a completed Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) in order to be considered for State Scholarship & Grant Programs. Seniors, please Create a Student Account. After logging into your account, you may proceed to complete the FFAA. Even IF you are not attending an in-state Florida school, we highly recommend every senior complete their Bright Futures application. Florida graduates have two years to enact their scholarship money. The FFAA opens on December 1st.

The Bright Futures link can answer all of your questions:


There are thousands of scholarships out there. Below you will find many scholarships, most with general eligibility requirements.

Click here for Monthly Scholarships!

Click here for Monthly Scholarships!


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