Important Parent Meetings! Test Prep Tidbits, College Care Packages from Home, August To-Do’s & more!

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Hello, The College Map!

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PARENT Meeting Dates

Our College Map Parent meetings are open to all of our college planning families. Test prep students are not required to attend.

Wednesday, September 11th at 6:00 p.m. Class of 2021
Wednesday, September 11th at 7:00 p.m. All Other Classes
Saturday, September 14th at 10:00 a.m. Class of 2020 (Seniors)


Open House "Navigating High School Through The Eyes of the College Admission Officer"
Thursday, September 12th at 6:00 p.m.

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Students should register for live math and verbal classes using our online scheduling platform, Acuity. If a student must miss a class that she/he has registered for, the student should cancel the class through Acuity, or email Julie Mitchell ( about the absence. Please note our cancellation policy: "Cancellation of any scheduled meeting with The College Map or its counselors must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting time".
$50.00 first time occurrence
$65 second time occurrence
$85 third time occurrence

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Class of 2020 August Reminders:

August 1st: Common Application and College -specific supplements go live for the majority of 2019/2020 schools.

August 6th - 13th: Late Registration deadline for August 24th 2019 SAT and Subject Tests.

August 16th: Registration deadline for September 14, 2019 ACT.

August 17th - 30th: Late Registration deadline for September 14, 2019 ACT.

August 24th: SAT and Subject Tests. Perfect timing for rising seniors!

▪ Make sure all of your Common Application essay drafts are finalized and ready to go.
▪ Continue College visits.
▪ Consider applying Early Decision and/or Early Action.
▪ Begin working on supplemental essays for schools that require them.
Make sure all of your Common Application essay drafts are finalized and ready to go.
Continue College visits.
Consider applying Early Decision and/or Early Action.
Begin working on supplemental essays for schools that require them.

Class of 2021 Reminder:

▪ Continue with Test Prep.
▪ Begin work on resumes and college lists!
Continue with Test Prep.
Begin work on resumes and college lists!

Dorm Room Shopping: What NOT to DO!

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Dorm Room Shopping: What NOT to Do

Dorm Room Shopping is NOT like a School Supply List

My daughter’s college mailed a “What to Bring” list with seven categories and 82 separate items. My advice – do not treat this like the supply lists from your child’s elementary school where, scavenger hunt-style, you dutifully checked off each item while wheeling a cart through Staples. Instead, concentrate on the most important items, first. Anything and everything else can be picked up on move-in day or ordered later online.

In fact, before you grab your credit card and keys, take a look at Dorm Room Shopping: 50 Questions to Answer, First. We guarantee it will save you time, money and loads of aggravation.

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*College Care Packages From Home: 50 Great Ideas*
As a freshman, nothing put a smile on my face quite like knowing I had one of my mom’s college care packages waiting for me at the dorm. It started with an email from the mailroom saying a box would be available for pick-up that afternoon. It was hard to focus on the differences between classical and operant conditioning that my psychology professor was explaining when I would rather think about treats from home.

My anticipation grew on my walk to the mailroom and I couldn’t wait to tear into the packaging as I rode up in the impossibly slow elevator. Inside were often power bars I was running low on, my favorite cinnamon gum, and enough cookies to share with my whole building. No surprise that Mom slipped in some sunscreen and hand sanitizer along with a note. “How does she do it?” I wondered while eagerly munching on some chocolate chip cookies.

For the full article click here.

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Most students need not fret about what major they list on their college application. If you choose to list an intended area of study, you should do so in an area that makes sense given the other particulars of your application (i.e. the focus of your extracurricular involvement, course selection, honors and distinctions, etc.). Generally, you will be able to easily change your major at a liberal arts college, but are likely to encounter more difficulty transferring into a highly-competitive school at a larger university. Listing an underrepresented major on your application is a sound strategy only if a coherent and compelling case can be made for your selection.

For the full article by College Transitions, please click here


SlideRoom is the exclusive partner of The Common Application to receive and review Portfolios from applicants. Each school receives their own branded portal where applicants apply and another portal where reviewers can privately evaluate submitted materials.

Click HERE for my information.


As you visit colleges this summer, try to ask yourself this question for each school:

"Why do I want to attend THIS college?"

Can you provide a compelling answer you could share in an essay or when talking with a college rep?

If you can't answer that question, then why is that college on your list? Do you need to investigate further?

If you CAN answer the question, CONGRATULATIONS! Research everything you can about their admission requirements. Your TCM counselor will work with you on coding and timelines!


Test Prep Sign Up


Test prep students, when you are registering for live classes utilizing our Acuity online scheduler, please make sure that you are signing up for the correct class based on your strength test. You should be signing up for either ACT or SAT classes, not the other and not both. This confusion is causing classes to fill up in error. Also, please do not sign up more than once for each individual class as this is also causing classes to fill up in error. We truly appreciate your CAREFUL attention to this matter.

Please sign up at our Acuity Scheduler website!

Please register for the ACT at OR SAT at Please note there are early registration deadline dates. You can register after the deadline date but a late fee will be required.


There are many good scholarship search tools/engines on the internet. Their primary function is to assist you in finding scholarships that match the eligibility criteria you enter for GPA, gender, residency, ethnicity/heritage, religion and area of study, hobbies, interests — some of the most common criteria used. The College Map team recommends the following search engines:


Big Future



Please make sure to "click" or fill out as much information as possible. Once you've entered your information into the database, the search engine will generate a list of all current scholarships you qualify for. We recommend sorting that list by due date.


Website Password

Our private "Your Path" page contains details for upcoming deadlines, events, and important announcements. We encourage you to check it regularly! The password is case-sensitive:

Test Prep Schedules

Be sure to register for your test prep classes, available on the Your Path page and the Acuity Scheduler. Registration is mandatory; walk-ins may not be able to be accommodated.


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