Spring College Informational Visits, 12 Things NOT To Do When Your Teen Gets Accepted!

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Admissions counselors from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Rice and the University of Chicago will host a joint information session on Tuesday, April 30 at 7:00 PM at University High School. 2450 Cougar Way, Orlando, FL 32817. To register, click here

Admission officers representing Caltech, MIT, Pamona College, and Yale will host a joint information session on Thursday, May 2 at 7:00 PM at Lake Highland Prep. 901 Highland Ave., Orlando, 32803. To register, click here


Parents of seniors, we know what you're going through! If you're a first timer this year, here’s a handy list of things NOT to do when your child gets accepted to college. This is a wonderful article from Grown and Flown. Grab a Kleenex, leave your denial at the door and take notes.


U.S. Department of Labor free scholarship tool https://www.careeronestop.org/toolkit/training/find-scholarships.aspx

Different Types of Scholarships & Grants

Big Future!

JLV Monthly Scholarships

Bright Futures

Seniors, don't forget to submit a completed Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) in order to be considered for State Scholarship & Grant Programs. Seniors, please Create a Student Account. After logging into your account, you may proceed to complete the FFAA.

The Bright Futures link can answer all of your questions:

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SAT Subject Tests square

SAT Subject Tests are subject specific college admissions exams. They are designed by the same company (College Board) that publishes the SAT and AP exams. There are twenty different subject tests available in the areas of English, Math, Science, and foreign language. They are one hour long multiple choice tests that are given on the dates that the SAT is given- but, not all twenty tests are offered on the same date.

SAT Subject Tests are an admission data requirement for many elite, top schools. Most of these top schools require two subject test scores.

Students in grades 10th and 11th should consider taking one, two, or three subject tests this June if they are "applying high." Strategically, it is best that a student plans to take a subject test in an area that they just completed an AP class and AP exam in.

Students, we encourager you to reach out to your college planner if you have any questions about these tests. You must register for these tests just like you would register for the SAT at: www.collegeboard.org


Pre-college summer programs offer high school students a one or multi-week “college” experience. Such programs allow students to live in a dorm and complete one or more rigorous classes. Today, summer programs are an increasingly popular option for students who are hoping to get a sense of what college is like. Essentially, pre-college summer programs allow you to test-drive college life. These programs not only teach you new information and skills, they can also make you a more attractive candidate for admission into your top-choice schools! We want all of our College Map students to have a purposeful summer. If you're not participating in a summer program, please make the effort to attend academic, sports or school camps. Working during the summer is also a positive addition to your resume!


2019 Test Prep Sign Up


Test prep students, when you are registering for live classes utilizing our Acuity online scheduler, please make sure that you are signing up for the correct class based on your strength test. You should be signing up for either ACT or SAT classes, not the other and not both. This confusion is causing classes to fill up in error. Also, please do not sign up more than once for each individual class as this is also causing classes to fill up in error. We truly appreciate your CAREFUL attention to this matter.

->Please sign up at our Acuity Scheduler website!

Please register for the ACT at act.org OR SAT at collegeboard.org. Please note there are early registration deadline dates. You can register after the deadline date but a late fee will be required.


There are many good scholarship search tools/engines on the internet. Their primary function is to assist you in finding scholarships that match the eligibility criteria you enter for GPA, gender, residency, ethnicity/heritage, religion and area of study, hobbies, interests — some of the most common criteria used. The College Map team recommends the following search engines:



Big Future



Please make sure to "click" or fill out as much information as possible. Once you've entered your information into the database, the search engine will generate a list of all current scholarships you qualify for. We recommend sorting that list by due date.


Website Password

Our private "Your Path" page contains details for upcoming deadlines, events, and important announcements. We encourage you to check it regularly! The password is case-sensitive:

Test Prep Schedules

Be sure to register for your spring test prep classes, available on the Your Path page and the Acuity Scheduler. Registration is mandatory; walk-ins may not be able to be accommodated.


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