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Hello, Maddie!


The College Map welcomes the newest member of our counseling team, Andrea Flores!

Andrea comes to The College Map with a wide variety of experience working with young adults. Most recently, she worked as a Regional Admissions Officer for Florida State University where she helped Central Florida students navigate the admissions process to one of our state’s top institutions. Prior to that, Andrea ran a workplace mentoring program for high school students. This program gave students experience in essential life skills such as financial planning, healthy relationships, organization and time management. She is currently working as a College & Career Specialist with Orange County Public Schools where she is able to blend much of her experience into a position where she gets to prepare and guide students through the often times complicated college admissions process.
With a strong emphasis on finding the right fit for each student, Andrea seeks to identify each student’s individual list of “must haves” and works with them to find the college that is the right tapestry of academics and experience, while always keeping finances in mind. Andrea believes whole heartedly in creating an environment where students feel understood and supported every step of the way.
Andrea holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Florida State University as well as a Master of Science degree in Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. Originally from South Florida, Andrea and her husband, Sergio, relocated to Orlando in 2013 just after getting married in December of 2012. In 2016, the couple welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby boy, Sebastian. In their free time, Andrea and Sergio enjoy family beach trips, Disney, traveling and experiencing the world through the eyes of their little boy.
Having worked in college admissions and high school guidance, Andrea brings unique insight to the college preparation process and can offer knowledge and experience in helping students with academic planning, course selection, essays, and resumes. She is excited to work one-on-one with students at The College Map to provide a truly personalized experience for each and every student.

Scholarship Title

JLV College Counseling offers some wonderful scholarship opportunities. Click here for the April list and other available scholarships!


“But truly doing what’s best for your children means letting go of simple solutions and allowing them to engage with the complexity of the world. Parents should channel their anxiety over their children’s futures into helping them find viable paths, not just dictating what they should do. That’s part of helping them grow up. College students need guidance while they navigate a difficult series of choices. The kindest thing is to support them, rather than taking those choices away.” Click here for the full article!

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What are our students doing?

Throughout the month of March, students have finalized their course selections for next year, are researching possible majors, and are continuing their college visits!
Click HERE is a great College Visit Checklist you can use during your visit:


Summer is Coming!

Many students go to summer camp; take it a step further with a meaningful opportunity on a college campus! Many deadlines are quickly approaching, so don't delay.

Spring break

The College Map office will be closed during Seminole County and Orange County Public School spring break calendar dates. March 16th - 24th. We wish all of our students a wonderful spring break with their families. Please send us some pictures of your college visits. We'd love to share them on our College Map Facebook page.


Junior Class of 2020 Parent Meeting

Clas of 2020



RISING SENIOR PARENT MEETING !! Thursday, April 4th at 6pm

We encourage all parents to attend this very informative meeting regarding summer and college application season. If you cannot attend, please let your counselor know.


Writing workshops will be held Saturday, May 18, 2019 and Saturday, June 1, 2019 from 10:00 a.m.until Noon. Students in the class of 2020 must attend one of these two workshops. Please mark your calendars and plan accordingly.

Senior Boot Camps for the class of 2020 will be held for two weeks and we also ask that you plan your summer calendar with this in mind and attend all three days of at atleast one of the following weeks:

July 23, 24 & 25 and July 30, 31 & August 1st.

All dates will be 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.



Please communicate with the schools you have decided NOT to attend - a simple email stating that you appreciate their admission offer, but that you have decided to attend elsewhere. You may decide to let them know where you will be going - it is up to you. Some schools have an option inside your check status application portal to decline. Please choose that option. If they do not, please send an email to their admissions office. Here’s an example:

Thank you for your offer of admission to ABC University. After carefully considering my options, I have decided that XYZ University is the best fit for me. I appreciate your consideration.


Your Name

LH 2x

Test prep students, when you are registering for live classes utilizing our Acuity online scheduler, please make sure that you are signing up for the correct class based on your strength test. You should be signing up for either ACT or SAT classes, not the other and not both. This confusion is causing classes to fill up in error. Also, please do not sign up more than once for each individual class as this is also causing classes to fill up in error. We truly appreciate your CAREFUL attention to this matter.

Please sign up at our Acuity Scheduler website!
See below for our new 2019 calendars.

Please register for the ACT at OR SAT at Please note there are early registration deadline dates. You can register after the deadline date but a late fee will be required.

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ACT Test Prep Calendar
IMG 0961
Online Test Prep Calendar
Bright Futures

Students must submit a completed Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) in order to be considered for State Scholarship & Grant Programs. Seniors, please Create a Student Account. After logging into your account, you may proceed to complete the FFAA.

The Bright Futures link can answer all of your questions:

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There are many good scholarship search tools/engines on the internet. Their primary function is to assist you in finding scholarships that match the eligibility criteria you enter for GPA, gender, residency, ethnicity/heritage, religion and area of study, hobbies, interests — some of the most common criteria used. The College Map team recommends the following search engines:


Big Future



Please make sure to "click" or fill out as much information as possible. Once you've entered your information into the database, the search engine will generate a list of all current scholarships you qualify for. We recommend sorting that list by due date.


Website Password

Our private "Your Path" page contains details for upcoming deadlines, events, and important announcements. We encourage you to check it regularly! The password is case-sensitive:

Test Prep Schedules

Be sure to register for your spring test prep classes, available on the Your Path page and the Acuity Scheduler. Registration is mandatory; walk-ins may not be able to be accommodated.


Is there something you'd like to see in our newsletter? An event you'd like us to host? A friend you'd like to refer? Let us know by simply replying to this message.

Kind regards,

Your Team at The College Map

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